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Some people just seem immortal, like they transcend life and the things that befall the rest of us. Somehow elusive, untouchable, unknowable and yet deeply embedded in our collective consciousness, the death of Bowie feels like an intimate event shared by every breathing soul. I missed the really cool Ziggy Stardust period as my interest in music started in the 1980’s, and so “my” Bowie was the one in a suit, the one of Absolute Beginners, Let’s Dance and his Jagger duet, resplendent in that leopard skin onesie, in Dancing in The Street. And yet somehow he continued to evolve. As he and I grew older I admired how he avoided all the clichés of his ageing rock star contemporaries. His music, his hair, his style continued to simply be awesome and whatever music or scene I was into at the time I would always stop and listen whenever Bowie came on. The first Bowie record I bought was When The Wind Blows from the film that had a huge impact on my life in my teenage years – it still makes me cry.

A very sad day.

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