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Puremagnetik Darklands

Puremagnetik Darklands  ·  Source: Puremagnetik


If you’re not feeling depressed enough then you can inject some added creepiness and despair with Darklands Dystopian Soundscape synthesizer from Puremagnetik – it’s what we need right now.



Like a city in lockdown, Darklands pumps out the tension and washes you with dissonant atmospheres. It’s like the whole thing is about the break apart and we’re just a few minor chords away from fighting someone for the last bunch of asparagus outside Waitrose.

Darklands uses FM synthesis and ambient processing to make you feel slightly unsettled before hitting you with rhythms that will take you over the edge.

Oh, not really. It’s a clangy bangy synth with atonal overtones and weird sub-harmonic harmonics that lets you dial in things like Swell, Orbit, Darkness and planetary trajectory. Sounds like fun in a masochistic sort of way. And we’re way too depressed to cope with details like the how the Orbit control alters the carrier ratio for the 2nd and 3rd operators. There’s a lot of desperate possibility in here to get creative while the world falls apart.

Darklands is available as part of the Spark subscription which makes it complicated to purchase. For $9 a month you get access to all of the Spark series plugins plus a new one every month. After a month has passed you can then also buy the plugin outright for $20 on its own. So either sign up for a perpetual monthly purchase or wait it out and get it later.

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Puremagnetik Darklands

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