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Creative Intent Remnant

Creative Intent Remnant  ·  Source: Creative Intent

Creative Intent has released Remnant, a grain and tape delay plug-in that creates intricate experimental soundscapes. It combines a tape delay with two grain delay lines, which lets you manipulate audio in many creative ways. Remnant is now available at an attractive introductory price.

Remnant combines tape and grain delay lines

After the distortion effects Temper and Tantrum, the plug-in makers at Creative Intent have turned to a delay for their next audio-mangling effect. A “conventional” virtual-analog tape delay is fed into two independent grain delay lines. The resulting fragments then feed back into themselves and into each other. Creative Intent says that the results are “constantly varying patterns in time and space”.

Freeze feature

What’s probably most interesting, though, is Remnant’s freeze feature. It freezes the signal in the delay line and emits grains from the frozen bits of audio. When the input signal exceeds an adjustable threshold, the delay line is filled with that new signal. It’s not easy to grasp what this does to the sound without actually trying it out, but it sounds intriguing. Add to that the other features like a filter, mid/side mode, input ducking, and tape wow, and it seems like Remnant has a quite few tricks up its sleeve for creative audio processing.

The great-looking GUI is interesting as well, as it forgoes the traditional parameters of a delay for a bunch of mysteriously labeled sliders and buttons. It’s clear at first glance that this isn’t a delay for conventional repetitions. Remnant invites you to experiment with its settings, hopefully rewarding you with something unexpected and wonderful.

Introductory offer

Until September 9, Creative Intent Remnant is exclusively available at Plugin Boutique (affiliate link) for USD 29, down from the list price of USD 49. The plug-in comes in Windows (VST2, VST3, 64-bit) and Mac (AU, VST2, VST3, 64-bit) versions.

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