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Crazy Tube Circuits Limited Edition Unobtanium RAW Overdrive

Crazy Tube Circuits Limited Edition Unobtanium RAW Overdrive  ·  Source: Crazy Tube Circuits


Crazy Tube Circuits has unveiled the Unobtanium RAW, a special edition of their popular dual overdrive pedal. Building on the legacy of the standard Unobtanium, the RAW version injects a unique sonic character with hand-selected vintage components and tweaked voicings.


Unobtanium RAW – Dual Overdrive with a Vintage Twist

The Unobtanium RAW features two distinct overdrive sections, just like the standard edition and the same control layout as before. The right side faithfully reproduces the legendary Klon-style overdrive circuit, known for its smooth breakup and transparency. 

However, the RAW edition takes it a step further. 

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Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium
Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium
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New Old Stock

Crazy Tube Circuits has replaced the standard clipping diodes with a set of meticulously chosen New Old Stock (NOS) Mullard/Valvo OC45 germanium transistors from the 1960s. This modification unlocks a new dimension of gain and sustain, pushing the boundaries of the classic K-style sound.

NOS germanium transistors · Source: Crazy Tube Circuits


The pedal’s left side houses a Dumble-style amplifier in a box overdrive. This section has been refined to deliver punchier and brighter tones than the standard Unobtanium. This voicing shift perfectly caters to blues and classic rock guitarists seeking a more aggressive edge.

Unobtanium RAW
Unobtanium RAW · Source: Crazy Tube Circuits

Designed for Discerning Players

The Unobtanium RAW is a limited-edition offering, available only while supplies of the NOS germanium transistors last. This updated edition using NOS components will offer a different tone, and some guitarists will undoubtedly appreciate this added exclusivity.

Unobtanium RAW - Dual Overdrive
Dual Overdrive · Source: Crazy Tube Circuits

Beyond the Basics

The Unobtanium RAW boasts a comprehensive feature set beyond its core overdrive tones. A passive series effects loop allows players to integrate other pedals seamlessly between the two overdrive sections. 

Additionally, the pedal operates on 18V DC for enhanced headroom and a more tube-like feel. The click-less true bypass design ensures smooth switching without signal colouration.

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Unleash Your Sonic Potential

The Unobtanium RAW is a powerful tool for guitarists seeking to elevate their sound. The RAW edition’s unique combination of vintage components, refined voicings, and versatile features allows players to explore a spectrum of overdrive textures, from smooth and transparent to aggressive and saturated.

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Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium Raw
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Crazy Tube Circuits Limited Edition Unobtanium RAW Overdrive

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