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Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation CV7003 fuzz and Memphis preamp/vibrato

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation CV7003 fuzz and Memphis preamp/vibrato  ·  Source: Crazy Tube Circuits

Boutique pedal manufacturer Crazy Tube Circuits has just announced two new pedals. A new, limited edition Constellation CV7003 fuzz and the Memphis vibrato/preamp pedal, a younger sibling to the company’s Killer V. Both stompboxes sound pretty damn fine and should give you access to some much sought after vintage tones for your rig.

Constellation CV7003

The difference between the Crazy Tubes Circuit Constellation and the new Constellation CV7003 pedals is that the latter is based around hand-selected, military spec NOS germanium CV7003 transistors made in 1968 by UK company Texas Instruments. The fuzz is based on some classic vintage voicings, made available to the player via the large dial on the front. The pedal is hand-built in Athens, Greece and comes in a wooden box.

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation CV7003

Fuzz Voicings

Apart from the giant knob that selects the fuzz characteristic, you get a volume and gain knob. The following are Crazy Tube Circuits’ descriptions for each of the fuzz voicings:

  • FF: a tribute to the most copied fuzz circuit.
  • VTB: inspired by the Italian made fuzz circuit
  • 3/2: voiced after the mythical circuit knows as mk1.5
  • 2: the soaring gain 3-transistor fuzz circuit
  • RM: a treble booster as close as it gets to the real thing
  • RMFF: a tailor made RM into a FF. A future classic combination

If you haven’t already figured it out, from top to bottom you get Fuzz Face, Vox Tone Bender, Tone Bender I.5 and II, and Range Master fuzz voicings. Due to the nature of the components, this pedal is limited to a run of just 200 units worldwide. You can check it out in the demo video below and follow the link to read the full details of this fuzz.

RRP – USD 299

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Next up we have the new Memphis which, much like the company’s Killer V pedal, is a preamp and tremolo effect combined into one pedal, and based on a vintage ’50s style amp. It actually has the same circuit as the Killer V, with an all-analogue LFO and 2-stage pitch shifting circuit powered from an internal voltage multiplier, just like an old amp. The built-in preamp has up to 20db of clean boost available with a classic 50s/60s amp voicing.

Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis

Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis

Vintage Amp style

The two knobs for Intensity and Speed dial in the tremolo side of the effect, while a Volume control sets the overall output. Then there is the ALL WET – DRY / WET mini toggle switch which chooses between a 100% modulated signal or the modulated signal in parallel with the dry, unmodulated signal path.

The pedal has a similar Magnatone-like tone to the Killer V, but without the drive section and so could be a great addition to many players’ pedalboard setups. Especially if you want some vintage flavours. You can hear it in action in the demo video below and follow the link to read the full specifications of the Memphis.

RRP – EUR 155

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