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sonicLAB Cosmosf FX4

sonicLAB Cosmosf FX4  ·  Source: sonicLAB

Cosmosf FX4 from sonicLAB is all about the science of delay buffer handling. Like their Cosmosf Saturn 3 stochastic synthesizer (now up to version 4), the FX4 uses a 3-dimensional space to combine and morph sophisticated micro events into the basis of sonic construction. It’s wild, it’s spacey, it’s a super weird crazy sort of granular delay processor plug-in thing.

Cosmosf FX4

It’s an audio effect and so it applies itself to incoming audio. As the audio is sampled it generates “micro events” by reading part of the delay buffer. These micro events are then manipulated and modulated and handled in any of 5 different ways. Firstly through the direct reading of the buffer, but it can also do this in a circular buffer. This sort of prints the micro event onto a reel to combine and overwrite each other. There’s an additive synthesis mode which feeds data from the circular buffer into the Cosmosf engine’s 12 partials. The pitch and amplitude balance can be set individually to build clusters. And finally, the input buffer can be frozen at the touch of a button.

The interface is almost as startling as the description. It’s dense, boggling and beautiful just like the sound of this remarkable signal processor. sonicLAB say that it has a “spirit” that it brings a “musical shadow to your sonic art,” and who am I to argue with that?

I think it’s better experienced than explained and hopefully, the two videos below will give you an inkling of what’s possible. For me it’s all about granulated delays, the building of density through feedback, filtering and morphing in space – which makes things no clearer than any other description I’ve come across.

Cosmosf FX4 is available now for MacOS and Windows in AU and VST formats for €89 or as a bundle with the aforementioned stochastic synthesizer for €129 or €189 with OSC and surround support.

More information can be discovered and analysed on the sonicLAB website.


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