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Developer Venomode has released Complexer 2, an affordable multi-stage dynamics processor plug-in. Its based on three independent dynamics processors, each incorporating six different modes. These are upward/downward compressors, upward/downward expanders, gate and limiter. Between the three stages and their different configurations, you can have series/parallel chaining, stereo and mid/side, and multi-band functionality.

This plug-in has an elaborate control set for each processor, including lookahead controls for capturing peaks ahead of time. Detection modes include peak, RMS, and average – suitable for both limiting and compression. Each processor also supports external sidechaining so you can feed it input from a particular track and it will behave according to its rhythm.

All in all, this is a rather advanced processor meant for getting a firm grip on your tracks’ dynamics. I like its modern interface design, which is visually contemporary and nicely uncluttered. I feel this could be a very capable tool in the right hands.

Price and release date

Available for Mac and Windows, Complexer 2 is in Early Access stage – that is, a time-limited introductory offer where you can buy the plug-in at a discount (GBP 29 instead of GBP 39) before the official release. Throughout this time, Venomode will be putting the finishing touches on Complexer 2 with updates. I don’t see a date for the official release, but it must be near. Demo versions for both operating systems are available as well.

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