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HoRNet plug-ins Coherence Meter

HoRNet finds your audio's incoherence disturbing...  ·  Source: HoRNet

HoRNet Plugins never fails to deliver some cheap, yet functional and visually pleasing software for audio nerds. The developer and partner The Buildzer have teamed up on Coherence Meter, which is meant to help with nailing mix balance. CM compares the input signal with a reference level, passes it through dynamics analysis and provides a visual representation of the difference between your mix and its theoretically “ideal” behavior.

Furthermore, the plug-in can give you an example of how your mix will turn out after mastering. It will apply some typical compression and limiting, then let you compare the mix with the theoretical ideal. If they come close, you’ve done great. Although Coherence Meter doesn’t feature adaptive technology, it can be configured to fit the dynamics of many styles of music with the range selector. It sets an “expectation” for the dynamic range metering to work with. For example, setting it to 6 makes the plug-in expect a maximum of 6db of dynamic range, and act accordingly.

Overall, Coherence Meter looks like a useful tool for mix guidance and improvement, though it’s up to you to test it on your mixes and see how it fares. Usually, such metering comes as part of much pricier mixing and mastering packages, rather than being available on its own. It’s a nice way to get a stand-alone “mastering preview” visualizer for very little money.

Price and availability

Coherence Meter costs just 9 EUR and is available for 64-bit Windows and Mac computers in VST, AU, and AAX formats. HoRNet does not provide a demo version, but an instant full refund is offered within 15 days of purchase. That’s plenty of time to decide whether the plug-in works for you, and makes sense – after all, it is extremely cheap.

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