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A year after Trevor Gavilan first dazzled us with his stunning Cloudlab 200t Buchla emulation he’s now released version 2. It’s still free and one of the best ways to start experimenting with the Buchla method of synthesis.


Cloudlab 200t V2

The instrument is based upon the Buchla 200 and 200e and programmed directly within Native Instruments Reaktor. The GUI, which is fabulous and gains some wooden cheeks this time around, is by David Frappaz and captures that Buchla look. But it’s not official or endorsed in any way.

To the uninitiated, it doesn’t make a whole load of sense to look at it. The default preset doesn’t seem to generate any sound and few controls are familiar if you are from a regular synthesizer background. But Trevor has included a small handful of presets which will get you moving forward. Although there’s nowhere near enough presets there is a bank of “Tutorial” ones which are super helpful. The first one simply gives you some tuned oscillators that you can play like a regular synth. After that you should browse through and start experimenting.

The sound is both crazy and delightful, harsh and soft, bubbly and brazen. Before you know it you are tweaking like an old bearded West Coast pro. I should also point out the excellent manual which goes into plenty of depth of every module, mode and aspect of this amazing machine.


What’s new V2?

Lots of action under the hood means that the CPU load is less intense which keeps the experience more stable. There’s a Lemur MIDI out now so that is you are using the Lemur iPad app as a controller it now responds properly in real-time. It will now accept an external clock so it can be synchronised to your DAW. The 266t Chroniker also has a DAW clock output. The 266t Noise has been updated to be -3 Pink, Flat (Buchlesque) and +3 White noise. Additional modules are the 227t Output interface and the 248t Multiple Sequential Generator.

All-in-all a decent update to a remarkable Reaktor instrument that’s completely free to Reaktor 6 users although Trevor would very much appreciate (and deserves) your donations.

More information

  • Cloudlab 200t V2 Reaktor Library page.


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Cloudlab 200t V2

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