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Bram Bos Ripplemaker

Bram Bos Ripplemaker  ·  Source: Bram Bos


Ok, so it looks nothing like the Make Noise desktop semi-modular synthesizer. But developer Bram Bos says that Ripplemaker is inspired by the “West-Coast synthesis” found in synthesizers like the 0-Coast, the Kilpatrick Phenol and the Bastl Kastle. 



Although the 0-Coast was designed explicitly to not be purely West coast or East coast (hence the name) it is perhaps known for it’s more experimental side. West Coast synthesis pioneered by the likes of Buchla and Serge offers a different approach to the more traditional subtractive synthesis (East coast) found in Moog synthesizers. It’s more about timbre, tonal experiments, adding harmonics and deep CV manipulation rather than the filtering found in most synthesisers.


Ripplemaker takes the West-coast philosophy and applies it to a simple and yet experimentally versatile app. Like a desktop semi-modular, it doesn’t require any patching, as all the main connections are made internally. This means it will make sounds effortlessly – but where’s the fun in that? The fun comes with the patching of stuff into things. Experimentation is the key, don’t assume that you know what the outcome will be.

In the video below Bram Bos demonstrates what’s called a “Krell” patch. A Krell patch is one that’s self-generating. It requires no sequencer or triggers but just keeps on outputting interesting sounds and melodies. That’s very much a West-coast thing.


The video is all the information we have at the moment and Bram Bos calls it a “work in progress”. It looks like a lot of fun to me. This sort of thing tends to be rarely found in software. I’m reminded perhaps of the Buchla Cloudlab 200t instrument for Reaktor – a lot more complex but also less accessible than Ripplemaker appears to be. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Bram Bos make a number of iOS music and synthesis apps including the Ruismaker FM percussion synth we reported on back last summer.

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