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Cherry Audio Dawn of Rack

Cherry Audio Dawn of Rack  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


Like some kind of forgotten footage found on VHS Cherry Audio gives us a wobbly version of Richard Strauss’ opening to 2001 and declares it “The Dawn of Rack.”


The Dawn of Rack

So what are we to make of this one? Previous teases have been quite easy to unravel but this one is a bit more cryptic. Moog modular springs to mind in terms of being monolithic in size and certainly fits with the Dawn of Rack, assuming that refers to racks of modular. On the other hand, Voltage Modular already has a range of Moog modular modules and, if we take the space analogy to move towards the ARP 2500 as used in Close Encounters, they’ve already released those as modules.

Maybe this goes back to some other enormous modular system like the Polyfusion made famous by Toto or maybe an Emu Modular. But then the music in the video sounds more like a String Machine than a modular synth.


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More Information

Very curious. The video calls it “something wonderful” and also uses a number – 1645729200 – but that’s not helping me at the moment. I guess it’s most likely to be a self-contained instrument version of the VM900 series Moog modular modules from Voltage Modular. I quite like the idea of pulling curated modular systems out of Voltage Modular and into a more accessible instrument. We’ll find out next week.

Cherry Audio Dawn of Rack

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4 responses to “Cherry Audio teases a monolith of a synth”

    john says:

    “something wonderful” aka 2001?

    a modular HAL 9000 that only plays “Daisy” really slow….?

    Matt Dogpaddle says:

    Unix timestamp 1645729200 => the number of seconds since 1 Jan 1970 =>
    Thu Feb 24 2022 19:00:00 GMT+0000

    Jeremy says:

    Given the fact that the music is clearly making use of heavy EFFECTS, I suspect this is a set of “rack” effects, not a synth.

    Tom Kelly says:

    The best guess I’ve seen so far is the Roland SPH-323 Phase Shifter ‘rack’ effect unit.

    Another giveaway is that the music to the teaser seems to have been processed by a phase shifter too!

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