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Cherry Audio Lowdown

Cherry Audio Lowdown  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


With Lowdown Cherry Audio has taken on the foot-controlled floor-based bass synthesizer and offers you the Taurus sound with a vast choice of carpets.



The Moog Taurus fulfilled the desire of the 1970s stage musician to play at least three synths at once. For instance, you could be playing huge pads on your left hand, sizzling leads with your right leaving your feet free to stomp out the fattest basslines. Feeding off the organ’s foot pedals, the Taurus was an awesome foot-operated analogue synthesizer. It has such a load of character that it was often used in the studio as a bass synth whether you could play with your feet or not.

Cherry Audio has pulled the character and vibe of the Taurus into your DAW as a faithful virtual analogue emulation. It’s been modelled down to the carpet fibres with all the controls and limitations that you’d expect.

It has dual sawtooth and square wave oscillators, running through a throaty 24dB/Oct low pass filter. There are appropriate controls like Cutoff, Emphasis and Contour. The foot-friendly preset buttons for Bull, Tube and Bass are there in the GUI. As are the sliders for Loudness and Filter. There are some additional controls for things like Glide, Decay and Octave but otherwise, everything is how you’d expect it to be.


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The sound from the demo video undoubtedly evokes the era of big bass notes and the fatness of that Taurus underbelly. You have the advantage of over 40 presets, full MIDI control and automation of all the parameters. And don’t forget that you can choose from 14 different carpets to sit inspirationally under the foot pedals. Cherry Audio has done a fine job and it’s only $25. For macOS and Windows in AU, VST, VST3, AAX and standalone formats.

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Cherry Audio Lowdown

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    fstructure says:

    Heh, one of the carpet choices is from the Overlook Hotel from Kubrick’s _The Shining_ 🙂

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