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Cherry Audio tease

Cherry Audio tease  ·  Source: Cherry Audio


In a new teaser video Cherry Audio hints at a polyphonic and multi-part synth emulation with 4 buttons and uses morse code to reinforce the emphasis on “4”. What does it all add up to?



The Quadra was a synthesizer of 4 parts. You had a monophonic bass synth, duophonic lead and then a divide down polyphonic string and synth section. These were all selectable via blue and green buttons on the front panel and playable individually or simultaneously making it essentially 4-part multi-timbral although many of the controls were shared.

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But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The tease video gives us some separate sounds, starting with a bass sound that then seems to bring in some strings and then it goes a bit zany. The colours of the buttons and LEDs are spot-on for the Quadra although you never see the colours arranged as they are in the teaser.

ARP Quadra –

The morse code in the video description appears to represent the number 16, but they are behind a sign for square root making the answer 4. I’m pretty convinced we’re talking about the ARP Quadra. What do you think?

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Cherry Audio tease

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2 responses to “Teaser: Could Cherry Audio be taking on the ARP Quadra?”

    Bob says:

    Behringer had already received a lot of begging for an updated and upgraded Quadra release by the comunity.

    9x3dysn says:

    here’s an ARP I know nothing about – might have to skip a lunch or two and check it out. .. . .

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