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Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller  ·  Source: YouTube/Chase Bliss Audio


The new Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller uses a dual linear 10k pot that is compatible with any TRS expression input. And with dual outputs, it can control two pedals at once, via the handy numbered roller wheel.


Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller

The design for the new Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller, which started back around 28 July 2018, was originally by Curt Middleton of Classic Audio. He decided to wind down around this time, so Joel of Chase Bliss bought the design from him and re-worked it. He also had Jon Erickson at Tonecraft Audio help out in getting the EXP just how he wanted it.

Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller

Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller

Roller Expression

With a dual linear 10k pot at the heart of the EXP, which feeds two separate outputs, you can control two effect pedals at once. The numbered, notched wheel is set to give you toe down at position 10 and replaces a standard expression pedal with a treadle. It also has two internal switches that allow you to reverse the control, so that 10 would be heel down instead.

The EXP will be just at home on your pedalboard, as it will be on your desktop, which makes it perfect for studio work. The numbers allow for quite precise control of your effects and it would be very handy in recalling exact control changes with your favourite stompboxes.

Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller

The EXP Expression Roller can control two pedals at once


Because of the current global shortage of components, Chase Bliss Audio is only selling the EXP direct, and has around 250 units ready for sale. The company also expects to be able to make around 500 more from the batch of components it already has in stock. But this means you won’t be able to find the EXP from dealers, and will have to order straight from the manufacturer.

Joel is one of the nicest guys in the industry and strives to make his products bulletproof, practical and, ultimately, useful for musicians. This little roller expression pedal is pretty sweet and I can think of lots of ways to use one already. You can see the EXP in action in the demo video below, and order yourself one from the link below.

RRP – USD 179

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by Jef

2 responses to “Chase Bliss Audio EXP Expression Roller: Control two effects simultaneously”

  1. Richard Gibson says:

    Would be nice to make a twin pitch bend + modulation wheel device like this with MIDI + USB out, as standalone add-on accessory for digital pianos or Kawai VPC1 type 88 note master keyboards which don’t have wheels.

    • Jef says:

      That could be fun, a limited market though I would guess. But your logic is sound and so I can see players using something like that.

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