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Chandler TG Opto

The Chandler TG Opto 500-series rack module  ·  Source: Chandler Limited

TG12345 MKIV equalizer

The Chandler TG12345 MKIV equalizer 500-series rack module  ·  Source: Chandler Limited


Reputable music machinery maker Chandler has an ongoing partnership with the no less legendary EMI and its Abbey Road Studios – it’s entitled to manufacture and distribute the facility’s “official” equipment, giving those with the spending ability access to top-notch gear designs that served in classic records by the likes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd.


For 500 Series rack equipment enthusiasts, it all started in 2014 with the TG2-500 mic preamp module from the EMI TG12345 – the first solid state mixing console designed by EMI for Abbey Road, first installed in November 1968 and used for mixing ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.
Three years later, Chandler and EMI are bringing the rest of the goods – namely the TG Opto compressor and TG12345 MKIV EQ – to the 500-series format, completing an exact hardware recreation of an EMI TGI12345 console channel strip. The times we live in!

TG Opto

The TG Opto is a double space, mono module with continuous input, output (makeup gain), attack and release controls; in addition to sharp and round knee presets, and true bypass capabilities. According to Chandler, the compressor can sound “explosive” on drums when set to sharp, and tame on the round setting so that the compression effect can be more subtle. The continuous controls allow for fine-tuning the compressor’s response to the audio material. Good stuff!


TG12345 MKIV equalizer

The old and rare console’s EQ section is redone in a single space, mono module with presence and bass control sets. The presence section has eight frequency options and an out position, while the bass control has dual-frequency selectable shelving controls. More specifically, the presence section’s first seven freqs are bell-type, and the eighth is a 10kHz shelf EQ. The bass section is shelving type, with two frequency options – 90Hz and 150Hz. Character-wise, Chandler describes the sound as “sweet” and “smooth”, but feel fry to try it on that death metal record you’re mixing – it won’t end up sounding like vintage Pink Floyd or anything!

Price and availability

You didn’t expect these to fall into budget gear category, did you? The TG Opto and TG12345 MKIV 500 Series modules will be shipping this winter, priced 1195 USD for the TG Opto and 1095 USD for the TG12345 MKIV EQ. If that’s too much for your already stretched-out wallet, not all is lost – consider the Waves software emulation of the TG12345 channel strip.

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Chandler TG Opto TG12345 MKIV

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