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If you podcast or live stream, then the new PortCaster by CEntrance could be for you! Full of clever and useful features, we take a look at this well-priced podcasting solution…


CEntrance PortCaster

Podcasting and live streaming have really taken off in a big way recently and it’s not hard to see why. If you’ve lost your income stream from playing live, then something has to fill the void. Undoubtedly for many, live streaming and podcasting has helped them reach their audience. Even Facebook has rushed to cash in on the new trend by monetising streamed events!

Unsurprisingly, we’ve seen audio interface manufacturers rush to fill the need for suitable solutions. Newly announced by CEntrance, the PortCaster has been designed for podcasters and radio program hosts who record or live-stream to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

If you’ve been looking for a way to add music, sound effects and guests to your live streams or podcasts, then the PortCaster could be just the ticket.


A Podcasting Swiss Army Knife?

Looking rather like a high-tech DI Box, the PortCaster looks compact and rugged enough (thanks to an aluminium enclosure) that you could easily chuck it into a kitbag or laptop bag. The features on offer here are really impressive: You’ll find two 48v microphone inputs as well as an auxiliary input so you can mix in a background music bed. An onboard rechargeable battery gives an 8 hour running time.

We found it particularly interesting that the PortCaster can work as a stand-alone recorder, recording directly to a removable SD memory card. You can, of course, connect your favourite computing device over USB as well.

CEntrance says that the PortCaster will work with your Mac or PC along with Android and iOS portable devices. We really think this opens up a world of versatility for this clever gadget. Adding onboard recording as well as multiple platform support makes this something of a Podcasting Swiss Army Knife!

The Competition: Zoom PodTrak P4

Perhaps the PortCaster’s only big problem could be in the shape of the Zoom PodTrak P4. The PodTrak P4 offers a similar feature set, at a similar price point; importantly however it offers two extra mic inputs, four headphone outputs and four sound effect trigger pads. It also comes from a brand with significantly more name recognition in this field…

The CEntrance PortCaster is currently available to pre-order with CEntrance offering an as-yet-undisclosed pre-order offer for those registering in advance.

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