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CEntrance Bouncer

CEntrance Bouncer  ·  Source: CEntrance


The new CEntrance Bouncer is a tiny 10-channel summing mixer and stereo recorder small enough to fit in your pocket. That could be quite handy for anything from DAW-less jams on the road to live sets to video production, or even for your collection of Korg volcas.


CEntrance Bouncer

If you’ve been looking for a compact line mixer that you can slide into your backpack and take anywhere, here’s an interesting new option from CEntrance. Bouncer is an analog summing mixer with five stereo inputs and one stereo output. And with the option to record your stereo mix directly onto an SD card, it becomes even more versatile.

CEntrance Bouncer

The Bouncer is a compact 10-channel mixer and stereo recorder

Like the manufacturer’s other products, the Bouncer is housed in a sturdy-looking enclosure that reminds us of gear you’d typically see on a film set. And feeding multiple signals to one camera input or field recorder is definitely one of the applications CEntrance has in mind – there’s even a tripod mount on the bottom. But the manufacturer says that Bouncer is equally suited for live sets, DAW-less jams, and just about any application that demands a small stereo mixer.

Not unexpectedly, all of the Bouncer’s audio connections are on mini jacks: Five stereo inputs, one stereo output, and a headphone output for monitoring. The first four inputs each have their own volume knob, accompanied by signal and clipping LEDs. The last pair of inputs doesn’t, so you’ll need to adjust the input level accordingly. In addition to this, there are two knobs for controlling the master and monitor levels. A large LED meter lets you keep an eye on the master level.

CEntrance Bouncer

Built-in SD card recorder

Built-in digital recorder

What’s especially handy is that the Bouncer also includes a two-channel digital recorder for capturing the stereo mix. It supports a resolution of 24 bit/48 kHz. That’s an excellent feature for video production, field recording, capturing your jams on the tour bus, or recording your next live set.

There are also two USB-C ports, but those are only used for power and don’t transmit or receive audio. You can use a USB charger or power bank, and thanks to the second port, daisy-chaining several devices is easy.

All in all, the CEntrance Bouncer looks like a very handy tool to have in your arsenal for any portable application that requires a small line mixer. It certainly isn’t cheap, but it looks solidly made and could be a lasting investment.

CEntrance Bouncer

Tripod mount on the bottom

Price and availability

CEntrance Bouncer will be available soon for USD 599.

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CEntrance Bouncer

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