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CEntrance English Channel: A Modular Streaming Solution

CEntrance English Channel: The Modular Streaming Solution is here.


The CEntrance English Channel is a complete and compact modular streaming and recording solution for speech, vocals, and instruments.


US analogue innovator, CEntrance, brings us a portable channel strip with dynamics and EQ processing, and a choice of mixer or combination audio interface modules.

CEntrance English Channel

The English Channel consists of three separate modules. Starting with the SoapBox dynamics and input module, this powerful but compact processor is your first link in the chain.

On either side of the clearly visible LED meter, you’ll find controls for the preamp gain, compressor, gate, and de-esser with variable frequency, as well as a wet/dry mix control.

There is an XLR combo input, an XLR output, and a separate line output, which is handy, In addition, the SoapBox is stereo-linkable, so you can pair channels and it’s USB-powered for easy mobile operation.

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Next, the BlackCab is a British EQ module with a 3-band parametric equalizer and variable Q-factor on each of the three bands. Moreover, there are additional switches for the high-pass filter, air band, attenuation, and bypass.

The I/O and USB power connections are identical to the SoapBox. So setting up the two modules side-by-side is a breeze, and you can quickly familiarize yourself with the workflow.

CEntrance English Channel

CEntrance English Channel · Source: CEntrance

Last in the chain, you can configure your English Channel with a choice of three mixer/interface modules: the Bouncer 10-input mixer, the MixerFace with guitar inputs, and the PortCaster with limiters designed for voice processing.

The PortCaster also offers additional XLR mic preamps with adjustable gain, dual optical limiters, and an SD card slot with one-touch recording functionality.

Pricing and availability:

You can configure your English Channel in the CEntrance online store, while some of the modules are available separately from Thomann.

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More about the CEntrance English Channel:

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CEntrance English Channel: A Modular Streaming Solution

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