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BandLab buys Cakewalk

BandLab buys Cakewalk  ·  Source: BandLab

Cakewalk is dead. Long live Cakewalk! Says the newly formed website. BandLab Technologies have announced that they acquired certain assets and the complete set of intellectual property of Cakewalk Inc from Gibson Brands.

As the troubled music giant looks for ways to raise cash it seemed obvious to all us commentators that selling Cakewalk to someone who cared about it would be a great way forward. At least it might have a chance of rescuing a gazillion Sonar users from a void of despair.

But who the hell are BandLab?

They are a collective of global music brands “with a vision to connect the world to music”. Apparently, their flagship product “BandLab” helps millions of creators make and share their music. Cool – never heard of it! Or have I? Hang on, they released a couple of small mobile audio interfaces last year and yes, they are the developers of an online DAW that runs on everything and is completely free. Well, that sounds pretty awesome.

Other parts of the collective include Mono instrument cases, Harmony guitars and Teisco effects pedals, so it’s a very interesting mix of products. They also have a very large stake in Rolling Stone magazine and Swee Lee, Asia’s leading online retailer and distributor of musical instruments and pro-audio. BandLab was only formed in 2016 and operates out of Singapore.

What does it all mean for Cakewalk users? Who knows, but Cakewalk has a wealth of technology developed over many years. Will BandLab take it apart to build something new or will they take it on and support it as a product or range of products moving forward? For the moment these things are unclear. But assuming all of the Cakewalk customer base hasn’t already moved on then it’s a very hopeful development.

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