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Buchla Easel Command

Buchla Easel Command  ·  Source: Buchla

Buchla Easel Command

Buchla Easel Command  ·  Source: Buchla

Buchla’s new take on the 208c Synthesizer that we first saw last month is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

Buchla Easel Command

If you’re confused about the naming then join the club as it does seem to get a bit murky. But essentially the 208c is a newly updated synthesizer module for the Buchla 200e modular system, whereas the Buchla Easel Command is the same 208c module but in a desktop, standalone form. Got it?

What Buchla wanted to do was produce a more flexible and independent version of their legendary Music Easel Synthesizer. They wanted it to play nice with DAWs, have MIDI integrated and have support for controllers like the Sensel Morph. It’s been streamlined, there’s the obvious removal of the touch-plate keyboard, but they’ve also taken the opportunity to tweak the workflow while bringing the cost down. Not massively down, the Easel Command is $2999 whereas the 208c module is $2599, but that’s good value for Buchla hardware.

Amongst the improvements are more independent inputs and outputs including FM on the modulation oscillator, more CV for knob and gate control, a re-arranged top row with different colours for each section, trimming on the oscillators, a stereo output and lots of other bits and pieces. Future expansions also include digital effects and the card-based preset system.

Somehow the rearrangement and the colouring make the 208c appear friendlier, more approachable and less intimidating. Maybe it’s the removal of the odd-looking keyboard that makes it more appealing to people less familiar with Buchla touch-plates.

Their goal is about $20k and so they are only looking for half a dozen or so preorders to get this thing rolling. It’s a great opportunity to get your hands on something special if you have the cash to invest. They are looking to deliver in the New Year.

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