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Black Rooster Audio has launched a collaboration with esteemed hip-hop producer Koen Heldens. According to the blurb, Mr. Heldens was in need of a “bespoke compressor solution” implementing his ideas for process timing, channel linking and sidechain filtering. But keeping the vintage spirit was also essential, Black Rooster says…


Black Rooster Audio KH-COMP1

Thus, the KH-COMP1 was born! A vintage compressor in spirit, the plug-in nevertheless features a set of extensive controls. They immediately speak “deep compressor for those who know what they are doing”. Something about KH-COMP1 also implies “a ’76 on testosterone”, but let’s not jump to conclusions too quickly, shall we…

4 detector modes

First things first, KH-COMP1 offers four detector modes – Hilbert, Peak, Vintage, RMS. Each comes with a different feel for time parameters and threshold control. Out of these, the Hilbert detector perhaps suggests some need for explanation. This is a 90-degree phase shifter meant to detect the signal’s exact envelope, without distortion or overshoots. So for an extra “true peak” feel, grab onto the Hilbert detector.

Invertible sidechain filter

The 2-band sidechain filter controls both low and high frequencies independently. This presents more control over ducking, pumping and de-essing applications. Inverting the filter lets you cut the mids, and the “listen” option lets you preview the sidechain filter settings before the signal reaches the envelope detector.


Blend stereo-link

With KH-COMP1, dual mono can be blended to stereo for more detailed control over the stereo channels relationship and processing.

Other features

These three highlights aside, KH-COMP1 offers a knee parameter to smooth out the compression effect according to your preference. Additionally, the plug-in features SSE2 optimized code, zero-latency mode which does not require delay compensation, and a GUI which supports high-resolution display.

All in all, KH-COMP1 is a promising start to Black Rooster Audio and Koen Heldens’ partnership. More plug-ins are said to be on the way, three more to be exact. No clue as to what they may be at the moment, but we are keeping an ear out for sure!

Price and availability

KH-COMP1 is being sold for USD 139 and is available in VST, AU and AAX formats for 32 and 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. Demoing the plug-in requires registration at Black Rooster Audio’s website.

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Black Rooster Audio Koen Heldens signature

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