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Black Rooster Audio KH-EQ1

Black Rooster Audio KH-EQ1  ·  Source: Black Rooster Audio


Black Rooster Audio has once again joined forces with acclaimed hip hop producer Koen Heldens to create the KH-EQ1 semi-parametric equalizer plug-in. Designed for creative sound shaping, KH-EQ1 offers five “highly musical” frequency bands, the developer says.


Black Rooster Audio KH-EQ1

KH-EQ1 is the second plug-in in Black Rooster Audio’s Koen Heldens Signature Series after KH-COMP1. And like the compressor, it aims to present a fresh look at an essential mixing tool. They call it “a professional studio EQ with a twist”.

While KH-EQ1 allows for detailed sound shaping, Black Rooster Audio says that it’s just as much a creative tool. With harmonic per-band saturation, KH-EQ1 lends itself to adding warmth and “authentic-sounding analog vibe” to your tracks, the developer claims.

KH-EQ1 features five symmetrical, adjustable frequency bands ranging from 20 Hz to 33 kHz. Each band allows for up to 18 dB of boost or attenuation. There’s an auto listen feature that automatically solos the bands when you touch the gain controls, if desired.


As a semi-parametric EQ, KH-EQ1 doesn’t offer Q controls. Instead, each band has a saturation knob that allows you to dial in harmonic distortion for each individual band. BRA says that this gives you complete control over the distortion without affecting the other bands. Saturate the bass while leaving the highs alone, or add some grit to your hi-hats without touching the low mids? KH-EQ1 allows you to do just that.

The plug-in also includes an interesting M/S router. Using the Mode knob, you can dial in any blend of mid, stereo or side processing you’d like. According to Black Rooster Audio, this allows for M/S cascades or surgical stereo equalization.

No signature plug-in is complete without a collection of signature presets, so KH-EQ1 comes with a bunch of settings created by Koen Heldens himself. The developer says that it’s the second of four plug-ins in the Koen Heldens series – we’re curious what will be next.

Price and compatibility

Black Rooster Audio KH-EQ1 is now available for an introductory price of USD 49. The regular price will be USD 59. You can get a 14-day trial license from the developer’s website.

The plug-in requires macOS 10.9 or higher or Windows 7 or higher. It comes in VST, AU and AAX formats.

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Black Rooster Audio KH-EQ1

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