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Behringer VCS3

Behringer VCS3  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer VCS3 top panel

Behringer VCS3 top panel  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer VCS3 bottom panel

Behringer VCS3 bottom panel  ·  Source: Behringer


Another not quite ready synthesizer is the VCS3 clone. Based on the classic “Putney” synthesizer from EMS with a couple of added extras.



Of all the synthesizers Behringer is working on, apparently, that number is up at about 50, the VCS3 appears to be the most lovingly recreated. This one isn’t shoe-horned into a Eurorack skiff, or squeezed into a mini synth. This one looks like the absolute bee’s knees. It looks like a Putney synth, it really does. If I was being really picky I could point out the fact that the front plate was never a single piece and the upright and flat parts should be separate, but otherwise, Behringer has done a sterling job sticking to the original form.



Behringer says they are getting close and these photos are of a final pre-production model which will now go off to beta testers. Analogue expert John Price has been working on it for over two years to meticulously recreate the sound. He’s also added a few functions like oscillator sync and switchable filter responses.

There’s no more information on shipping at this time. We’ll just have to add it to the list of potentially forthcoming synthesizers.



14 responses to “Behringer VCS3: Update and final pre-production model photos”

  1. Joe says:

    I would buy it if they added a “Battleship” game feature. How could they miss the opportunity 🙂

  2. Dazz says:

    Omg it’s amazing!

  3. My dream ❣️
    I always hope to have it

  4. Intruder says:

    This is the thing i want . S.P.K. Cabaret Voltaire on a Behringer Vcs

  5. Affordable in 2019........ says:

    The way things are going financially, and the prices of the synths when the shortages allow them into the shops, might mean the cost of them is what we would have been paying for the originals! 😁
    All the best laid plans Uli, eh?

    • Intruder says:

      Where are you going to get all that nonsense anyway?

      • The Value Years, 2010-2020 says:

        I won’t be getting them mostly, to be honest, but there are plenty who will. But things are going to be more expensive or lower spec for the same money. There’ll likely be a strong 2nd hand synth market too. Even Behringer can’t make synths at a loss and stay in business for long. But that’s life, nothing stays cheap forever.

  6. Matthew Janovic says:

    You have to love the peanut gallery here when no retail price has been announced. I will be buying one of these. They look exceptional, and I believe the prices are going to be surprisingly low considering the build quality we can expect. Again, this is revolutionary in a way, making musical instruments which were once very rare available to anyone interested. Now we can see what they are capable of. Some of this has to do with a lot of false consciousness surrounding electronic music that’s going to evaporate when all of these are available, esp about pricing, also about how many “pioneers” weren’t as special as once thought. A lot of people are being brought down to earth over this.

  7. gert braakman says:

    This was my first synth. Also the synth that after using it for about two years felt as it it had become and extension of my brain. I’ve never had that experience with other synths.It shaped my knowledge of synths to such an extend that find hard get to grips with synths are based another architecture like the 2600 or even the buchla. I can’t wait, hope they’ll be available soon.

  8. Leif Williams says:

    It was good enough for Todd Rundgren, it will be good enough for me. I will be buying one of these, the holy grail of all synths…

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