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Behringer and a Jupiter 8

Behringer and a Jupiter 8  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer and a Jupiter 8

Behringer and a Jupiter 8  ·  Source: Behringer

We can’t let a week go by without another Behringer synthesizer rumour. This time they were spotted playing with a Roland Jupiter 8 – what could it possibly mean?

Jupiter 8 – Bupiter 8 – Jupiger 8?

What do we think they’ll call it? Behringer posted a photo on their Facebook account of a couple of guts excitedly trying out a Jupiter 8 and waving. Well, that sent ripples through the ether and the comments fill up with all sorts of pleading. We’re in a strange time where repeatedly asking a manufacturer to produce something actually results in them producing something.

But what about the TR-909? It’s sitting there on the desk, plain as day, are we expecting one of those as well? Probably.

So Behringer has recently released the Model D, the Neutron and the VC-340 are not far behind. All of them pre-ordered too, I imagine, ridiculous levels. So why not have a go at something a bit meatier? They did a decent job of the DeepMind although perhaps not the Juno clone people were hoping for. Do we think they’d do a clone of the Jupiter 8 or would be inspired by it and reworked into something else? Maybe they are combining the Jupiter 8 and the TR-909 into a fabulous automatic keyboard workstation!

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  1. David says:

    But we still can’t get hold of their model d !! Only a trickle reliced in Germany.

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