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Behringer TD-3-DF

Behringer TD-3-DF  ·  Source: Behringer


After a bit of an argument with the makers of the Devil Fish TB-303 mod Behringer is suggesting they could make a TD-3 that incorporates all the 303 mods that ever existed to create a “Modded Out” or “Souped Up” version.


TD-3 Modded Out

When Behringer released a mockup of their TD-3-DF “Murdered Out” concept it caused a bit of a stir. Not least of which came from Devil Fish who were unhappy that Behringer was pushing forward with this modification based on their designs despite not coming to some kind of agreement. Lots of views and opinions were expressed. Some people were angry at Behringer taking business away from little modding companies while others were boggled by the amount of money Devil Fish had allegedly asked Behringer for. Other, more constructive conversations revolved around ideas for “modded out” TD-3s.


As the availability of the original TB-303 has faded away Behringer has suggested that they can bring back some of the coolest mods in either a uber-TD-3 or a series of souped-up versions. They also say they might include some of their own ideas to push the TD-3 format to new places. They’ve also reached out to any other modders out there who want to work with them or recommend mods they could do but (with a barely concealed reference to the Devil Fish conversation) they can’t buy you a Ferrari.


Now it could be argued that Behringer is stealing ideas from the modding community or putting them out of business. But then modders have tended to steal ideas from each other and Behringer isn’t offering to mod any original TB-303s so the same amount of business for these modders still exists. I guess hopes they may have had of modding TD-3s have perhaps been dashed.


On the plus side we could be in for some awesome special edition TD-3s. It’s already available in 5 colours now. And these have largely come about through engagement with the synth community on social media. They’ve got the community sending in designs for a cloned CR-78 drum machine – the winning designer gets a TD-3. No other manufacturer operates like this; it’s both strange and awesome. But how the modding community feels about it is difficult to say. What do you think? Share your feelings in any direction you want in the comments below.

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Behringer TD-3-DF

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3 responses to “Behringer goes all in on the “Modded Out” TD-3 mods”

    Gordon says:

    What i want is a multi effect with at least 6 ins and Chanel outs so i can route my drum machines through and set up distortions, delays, verbs without having to use pedals and millions of cables! Pleaseplease!!

    Shimo says:

    Devil fish deserve some kind of financial offer. Give them a f%&#in MERCEDES

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