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Beatskillz plug-ins deals

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Plugin Boutique is back at it with another interesting offer – get the BeatSkillz Virtual Instrument Bundle for just EUR 66, down from EUR 506 which you’d pay were to purchase each plug-in individually at full price. Here’s what this nifty bundle has in store:

BeatSkillz Virtual Instruments Bundle

In short, the bundle features 10 products along the lines of sample-based synths and drum machines. First comes Synthwave Keys, which offers producers 100 presets featuring analog synthesizers sampled through well-known effects and outboard gear. The sample playback engine includes global pitch control, reverb, LFO, ADSR, and a multi-mode filter for audio tweaking.

Synthwave Drums continues down the retro analog path, handling the drums department. It numbers in at 100+ preset banks of 12 sounds each, generated from sample and rompler-based drum machines from the 80s. Both raw and processed versions are provided to let you quickly dial in the sounds of era-defining records.

Soultastik KZ is a trap-oriented rompler featuring 99 presets in different categories – 808 basses, bass sounds, keys, leads, pads, plucks and synths. The sampler enginer allows for envelope modulation, LFO modulation, and low/high-pass filtering. Likewise, Soultastik Drums brings in over 600 drum samples geared towards the laid-back Trap Soul genre.

Retro Keys is a synth rompler which pays homage to the great 80’s synthpop soundtrack. It samples original patches from the tools of that era’s trade, such as the Fairlight, Synclavier, Yamaha DX7, Emulator II, KORG M1, Oberheim OBX, Prophet 5 and the like. The samples were recorded through big-boy analog gear like the Neve 1073 preamp, the Thermionic Culture Rooster, Distressor compressor, the API 2500 and the Drawmer 1978. That with some Eventide and Lexicon effects thrown in. Sounds like there’s plenty of nostalgic fun to be had!

Retro Hit is the drums and percussion counterpart to Retro Keys, featuring sampled sounds from analog drum machines in very much the same vein. Dark KZ is another 80’s soundtrack type rompler with 50 presets crafted on real analog synths. Breakdance Drums is all about 50 drum kits with sounds sampled through vintage machines like the EMU EMAX, SP-1200, and MP-60 for that added grit and attitude. The bundle is concluded with Bollywood Maharaja Drums 1 and 2, a pair of romplers ripe with authentic Indian percussion.

All in all, the bundle includes all the material you’d possibly need to make an 80s throwback record… or four. If you love synthwave and don’t scoff at using presets, BeatSkillz’ instruments could be the exact tools you need.

Price and specifications

The instruments run as VST and AU plug-ins for 32 and 64-bit hosts. Your Mac has to run High Sierra or higher, and your PC has to be on Windows 10. AAX and RTAS versions for ProTools users are not available, unfortunately. As for the price – head over to Plugin Boutique (affiliate link) to get the bundle for EUR 66, or visit BeatSkillz and grab only the plug-ins you are interested in for USD 9 each.

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