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Behringer BCR32

Behringer BCR32  ·  Source: Behringer, ZAQ Audio

Behringer BRC32

Behringer BRC32  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer BRC32

Behringer BRC32  ·  Source: Behringer

The return of the BCR2000 rotary MIDI controller is confirmed and reworked as the BCR32 to include the Zaquencer firmware that turned the original into a sequencer.



Believe it or not, Behringer has had some great ideas and great original products over the years. One of them was the BCR2000 rotary MIDI controller released back in 2005. They recently asked their fan club if they’d like to see it return and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Along with a wish list of improvements and suggestions the Zaquencer sequencer firmware update was frequently mentioned.

Zaquencer was created as an alternative firmware for the BCR2000 by ZAQ Audio in 2014. It turns it into a 32-step sequencer.

Behringer says in a Facebook post that they are working with Zaquencer to bring the BCR2000 back to life as an updated MIDI controller and desktop sequencer. They originally called the new version the BCR64 but now it appears to be the BCR32 which makes a lot more sense. Maybe they were hoping for 64-steps?

Behringer BRC32

Behringer BRC32

The mock-up images of the BCR32 look great! You’ve got 32 knobs with LED halos to indicate position. That’s an awesome feature in my book so that the knobs constantly give you an indication of what they are set to when moving from pattern to pattern or mode to mode. Along with MIDI In/Out/Thru you’ve got 4 channels of CV/Gate so it’s going to be at least a 4-track device. There are no CV modulation outputs though.

Behringer BRC32

Behringer BRC32

It looks like a decent product and Behringer says they can get it to market for $149. That would make it a very competitive desktop sequencer. No indication of when we would see it and so far no comment from ZAQ Audio.

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6 responses to “BCR32: Behringer to work with Zaquencer to bring back the BCR2000 as a sequencer”

  1. Karl says:

    Please oh please ditch the Akai-ish font used for “BCR32”! You’ve got something potentially original brewing this time; don’t ruin it through sheer laziness!


    Muito interessante

  3. Outcyber7 says:

    Zaq just responded on their fb..its gonna happen, bananas but lets wait for mordorros version ;D

  4. DJohnRambo says:

    Stepless encoders pleeeeese….

  5. Gearn ews says:

    What ever happened to this? They started hyping it in like November 2020. A baby should be born after 9 months…

    What other options are similar or better and not over priced? Even DIY kits…

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