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Barefaced GX Guitar Cabs 1x10

Barefaced GX Guitar Cabs 1x10" speaker with AVD  ·  Source: Barefaced


UK-based company Barefaced is normally associated with bass cabinets. Until now, that is. The firm has decided to release two guitar cabs, the GX series, that utilise its unique AVD cabinet design. And are making some bold claims for the new products, too…


Barefaced GX Guitar Cabs

Barefaced has launched two new guitar cabinets in their GX range. Both are 1×10″ designs, with one having a British voicing and the other American. These cabinets were designed to give optimal output and noise spread, Barefaced says, but without straying into behemoth heavyweight territory.


To do this, Barefaced used its patent-pending Augmented Vent Diffractor design, or AVD for short. This system supposedly helps spread the midrange and treble sounds out to the side, allegedly helping keep the low end tight and focussed.

Traditional closed-back designs, the theory goes, tend to focus a beam forwards, making them more directional. Open-back cab designs, on the other hand, tend to lose a lot of the low end out the back. Therefore, in theory, this new AVD design should alleviate both of these scenarios. I have gigged with both styles of cabinets over the years and have generally preferred open back cabs for smaller gigs because I get a better spread of sound. Closed-back cabs are better for large stages, I think, as they are easier to mic up.

Barefaced VD cabinet design

Barefaced AVD cabinet design

Low Cut Filter

Each GX cab has a low cut filter toggle switch that lets you switch between the fatter tone of a closed-back cab or the leaner tone of an open-backed one. The cabs also come with Speakon connectors as standard and are rated 75W each.

Barefaced claims that the GX has the output of a 2×10 despite only using a single 10-inch speaker. That claim is based this on fact that it can utilise the sound from both the back and the front of that 10″ speaker.

It is a bold claim, to be fair. But if it works, it would save carrying larger cabs to gigs, as these weigh around only 6kg and also take up far less space in the boot of your car. As an added bonus, UK customers can try the GX cabs for one month free with no return fee!

RRP – GBP 429 

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  • Barefaced AVD cabinet design: Barefaced
Barefaced GX Guitar Cabs 1x10" speaker with AVD

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