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Babicz Full Contact Hardware

New 4 string bridge upgrade for your P bass.  ·  Source:

Babicz Full Contact Hardware have just added a new 4-string bass bridge. The unit looks solid enough and is manufactured from lightweight aluminium. Jeff Babicz has been making his ‘Full Contact Hardware Bridges’ for a number of years now and his clients include Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.

The Z Series Babicz 4-String Bass Bridge is a new and more affordable version of the company’s core line of upgrade hardware. It incorporates their “eCAM” design, which up till now has only been available on their higher priced hardware upgrades.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware is designed to let you adjust your action to any height while maintaining maximum contact with the bass guitar’s body. The idea is that the vibration from the string gets transferred as efficiently as possible, thus providing a better tone and in theory a better dynamic range. Aluminium of course is very light, so I suppose it should have some tonal affect on your bass, however whether that is ‘better’ is more a matter of perception. I do think from the images I have seen online that it looks good and solid, so if you have a bass that could do with a bit of an upgrade these may be worth a punt.

I haven’t as yet found any audio demos that are worth sharing, however if I do then I will add them. I have added a link to a video which explains the company’s eCam bridge saddles so you can make up your own minds. As the name suggests it works on a ‘cam’ action, which should theoretically maintain maximum contact with the base plate, whilst allowing you to adjust each saddle height independently.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware

Available in April 2016. Street: USD $90






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