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Audio Damage FilterStation 2

 ·  Source: Audio Damage

A fine collection of filters can do wonders to your audio. Filterstation2, Audio Damage’s newest release, is a collection of 12 filter topologies – among which are famous designs like the Korg MS20 filter, as well as Audio Damage’s 914 bandpass and Filterpod lowpass models. The filters can be modulated by an LFO with 12 patterns and internal/tempo sync modes, as well as an envelope follower for control over filter frequencies.

In addition, the plug-in supports VCA mode for tremolo and gate effects and offers serial, parallel, and true stereo operating modes for maximum flexibility. There’s also a sidechain input for the envelope follower so you can hook it up to an audio signal and modulate filters to its pulses. Clearly, there is lots of power on tap in FilterStation 2, and taking advantage of it is a visually pleasant, intuitive experience thanks to the modern user interface. The vector-based UI is fully resizable and is going to look just right on high-resolution screens.

Overall, FilterStation 2 is fully equipped to deal some serious damage to your audio with its respectable arsenal of filters and modulation options. Throw it on your tracks and experiment until your audio is barely coherent, then tweak some more!

Price & availability

Filterstation2 is now available for Windows and macOS systems in VST/VST3/AU/AAX format. The plug-in is priced at 49 USD. An iOS release is planned as well. The price is good for a comprehensive filter plug-in like this and we’re rather excited about this release from Audio Damage. A great-sounding filter is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any producer looking to add more movement and dynamics to their tracks.

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