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Arturia RackBrute

Arturia RackBrute  ·  Source: Arturia

Arturia RackBrute

Arturia RackBrute  ·  Source: Arturia

We got a bit ahead of the game with our leak this morning about the RackBrute. But now we have all the official details of this amazing tryptic of product releases culminating in this very cool Eurorack enclosure.


It’s a good-looking, wooden cheeked 3U and 6U Eurorack skiff. It has this innovative bracket that holds it all together, provides support when standing up and then folds down to become portable. Complete with carry handle. The sides of the 6U have little pop-out supports for when you close the two rack faces together. It’s a brilliant piece of design.

The “Link” connection is also fabulous. These brackets can also be used to attach the MiniBrute 2 and 2S to either the 3U or 6U enclosure. It produces a sort of hybrid performance rig. Totally stunning. Although I wish Arturia could have featured a non- discontinued module in the video. I also think that perhaps the enormous A on the back is a little too understated – it should be illuminated.


One question remains – is Arturia going to be releasing any modules? In the video they use a blueprint style animation to pull out the MiniBrute 2 synthesizer section and describe the sections – this could so easily be a Eurorack synth voice. Or maybe it wouldn’t quite fit because of the ridiculous power module that eats up a ton of HP. Why they couldn’t design this to be integrated into the case is beyond me. You don’t really need voltage indication lights in a skiff this small or a properly designed one. It’s just a waste.


There’s a ton of weird militarised information on the website which goes into excruciating detail on the rack case. But it’s a rack case so this is all you need to know. The 3U is 88HP wide and the 6U is 176, minus 5 for the power module. The 3U has 20 power slots, the 6U has 32. The nuts are fixed and the depth is only 83mm (3.3″) which is not a lot, so it’s not going to fit all modules. The 3U costs €259 and the 6U €359 which isn’t too bad for a case and power supply. In our “leak” article earlier there was a screen grab from a cached online shop page listing a “RackBrute 6U Synthesizer” for £1999 – so we can now assume that was either wrong or it came with a lot of modules.

I really like what they’ve done here. I love the connection to the MiniBrute 2 and 2S plus the way you can easily build up a 9U system – and then start a new one. It’s innovative and daring, priced well and looks to be built well. Shame about the power module and the huge “A” but at least you can put stickers over it.

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