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Krakli Plugs Arminator 2

Krakli Plugs Arminator 2  ·  Source: Krakli Plugs


Arminator is a stunning homage to the Yamaha CS-80. It’s one of the best emulations you’ll find and it’s completely free. Krakli Plugs have just released a brand new version complete with 5 banks of 128 patches. Go and get it.


Arminator 2

They very humbly say that:

it is designed as a homage to the Yamaha CS80 although can not be considered to be a faithful emulation of that fantastic instrument but rather it’s aim is to offer patches that hint at the original instruments power.

It still does a pretty decent job of pretending to be.


The GUI hasn’t changed much, if at all. But there are plenty of new things to get into. The scaling of various controls has been improved, the LFO can now be synced to a KeyPress. KeySplit can be anywhere on a key across 10 octaves and KeyTracking is now available on the LowPass Filter. The Sine oscillator in the Line Amp can now be a 1 or 2 octave sub. Mono Poly on individual lines and a Chorus effect has been added. Line 2’s envelopes can be delayed by up to 500ms from KeyPress.

But none of that is particularly important unless you’re an existing owner. For anyone else all you need to know is that this is a fabulous CS-80 emulation with some great presets, for free, wrapped up in a rather cramped, small but functional GUI. The only slight weirdness is that it’s a 32bit plug-in for Windows only. But provided your DAW supports 32bit plug-ins or you use some bridging software then it should be fine. Pop along to the Facebook group and download the plug-in.

More information

Krakli Plugs facebook group.


Krakli Plugs Arminator 2

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