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Anti-Kulture Precision Disrupter

Anti-Kulture Precision Disrupter  ·  Source: Anti-Kulture


Anti-Kulture has released a walkthrough of their forthcoming Precision Disrupter designed for fast, fluid, generative sequencing of melody and rhythm.


Precision Disrupter

The sequences are born in randomisation but Anti-Kulture says that you have complete control over all the randomisation parameters that give it a precise, real-time performance punch, that’s intuitive, fun and creative.

The 16-steps can be filled with notes using the sliders and mini keyboard. Push up Gates for gates, Notes for notes and so on, and melodies start to appear ridiculously easily. It reminds me of the Stochastic Inspiration Generator but with a larger and wider grasp of what’s going on. Punch some notes in on the keyboard and raise the Note and Octave sliders to introduce notes of increasing density.

It’s remarkably simple and Anti-Kulture has eaten up a whole 40HP for it to be luxuriously accessible for driving a single melody, gate and accent line. Just like the SIG the variation and smoothness of the changing melody are excellent and inspirational; I love this sort of thing. Once you’ve found something you like you can destroy it by hitting the Melody or Groove Disrupt buttons. It will then refind another path based on the same parameters. Fortunately, you can store up to 16 patterns so if you do find something you like you can keep it before your Disrupt it into something else. Patterns will sync into each other for smooth transitions and you can chain them together.

The beauty of the 16 x 4 button array is that you can get your fingers in there and manually edit the notes, gates, accents and slides. You can also change sequencer length and octaves. Add some CV into the two CV inputs and you can have control over any parameter. So you could easily increase complexity via another modulator or fire off the Disrupt button from another source.


Preorders coming soon

Precision Disrupter is a super-wide, super playable random based sequencer that feeds into your creativity without draining you of ideas. This is fabulous stuff if you have the space.

Preorders will open in the summer.

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Anti-Kulture Precision Disrupter

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    Josh Thomason says:

    This looks super cool. Any idea when you will release it.

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