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Audiomodern Riffer

Audiomodern Riffer  ·  Source: Audiomodern


Audiomodern has released Riffer “The Creative MIDI Sequencer”. It’s the sort of sequencer that you wish DAWs already had inside them but never seem to. So instead you can drop Riffer onto a track and start flexing your creative melody making, beat triggering and randomising.



It does seem a bit silly, having a sequencer as a plugin inside your DAW which is already a sequencer. But most DAW sequencers have become a bit staid and predictable. Riffer is suggesting that it can bring a bit of creativity and I really think it can.

Randomisation has become a bit of thing that’s come largely from modular synthesis and voltage control. Plugins often have randomisation options but it’s rare to find it in the mechanics of the predictable DAW interface. Riffer brings that in spades. It has a nice big dice icon slap in the middle of the GUI. You can use it to generate patterns and rhythms on the roll of a dice. But randomisation is rarely musical by itself and so Riffer introduces a whole engine of scales and qualities that apply control to the chaos to tease out useful melodies. You can even keep it regenerating forever with the “Infinity mode”.

There are 53 scales to choose from, you have control over the number of notes, pattern length, pitch, duration and volume per note. You can tie and sustain notes, there are shuffle and shift modes and settings for sequence motion. You can have multiple instances running or you can drag patterns into your DAWs timeline. Riffer can also run as an app on iOS devices and you can send your patterns over wi-fi to achieve the same sort of thing. It looks great, has stacks of functionality and feels like it would enliven many a tired track.

Audiomodern Riffer on iPad

Audiomodern Riffer on iPad · Source: Audiomodern

Riffer is €39 on MacOS or Windows or $6.99 on iPad.

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Audiomodern Riffer

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