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Colossus Quartz VCO  ·  Source: Analogue Solutions

Colossus Quartz Family  ·  Source: Analogue Solutions

Colossus Quartz and Moog  ·  Source: Analogue Solutions


Harnessing the power of Analogue Solutions Colossus just got easier with the release of the Colossus Quartz, a Colossus Slim divided in four, to build or expand your synthesis arsenal.


If you have never seen an Analogue Solutions Colossus in the flesh, you are missing out on something rather special and unique. The brainchild of Tom Carpenter, it is an homage to the big modular systems of the late 60s and early 70s, in particular the EMS Synthi 100. Tom admitted to me when he first debuted the Colossus that this would either make or break him. I asked him why he did it and he simply said, “Because I had to”.

Colossus Synth, Colossus Success

Fair play to this mild-mannered genius. It certainly didn’t break him. Colossus has wowed audiences around the world. It has found its way into a good number of studios and remains in production to this day. It has also spawned the Colossus Slim and now, the Colossus Quartz units. I don’t think even Tom would have considered there being a ‘range’ of Colossus products when he first set out on this adventure.

Colossus Quartz and Moog

Colossus Quartz Units

Tom has taken the Colossus Slim and essentially divided it into four parts; the VCO, the VCF, the Modulation section and the Sequencer. Put all these together and you have a Colossus Slim. Doing it this way allows you to build your Colossus over time to suit your budget. It can also allow you to expand your existing Colossus. And you can add any one of these sections to bolster your existing modular set-up.

Colossus Quartz Family

Each unit has a specific range of general features :

  • AS250-VCO – 12 vernier VCOs, plus 2 Noise Generators, Random Voltage, Sample and Hold, Matrix Panel.
  • AS250-Mod – 4 VCAs, 4 Envelopes, 2 LFOs, LCD Dual Channel Oscilloscope (can be upgraded to single channel CRT), Touch Keyboard / Sequencer.
  • AS250-VCF – 8 Filters (4x SEM type, 4x Moog type), 8 VCAs, 2 real Spring Reverbs, 2 Ring Mods, 2 Slew Generators, Matrix Panel.
  • AS250-Seq – 64 step analogue sequencer, 4 Moving Coil Meters, Stereo Mixer, 2 Joysticks, 2 Multiples, 2 Sub-mixers.

Just like its larger predecessors, everything about the Colossus Quartz units is pure analogue. These synthesizers are not produced to fit a market or price point. Literally no expense is spared.

Colossus Quartz VCO

More Information

The Analogue Solutions Quartz modules are available now and in very limited numbers. Prices for the units are as follows:

  • AS250-VCO – £6,900
  • AS250-Mod – £5,500
  • AS250-VCF – £6,900
  • AS250-Seq – £5,500

Order direct from Analogue Solutions.

  • Analogue Solutions Colossus Quartz Website
  • More from Analogue Solutions

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  • Colossus Quartz VCO: Analogue Solutions

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