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I know you’ve been holding out on the £32k Colossus because it doesn’t fit with your studio’s moody aesthetic but now you can have it in a stylish black.


Black Colossus

For most of us, Colossus is a curiosity, a synthesizer that’s forging its own legends and is so intimidating that we daren’t even approach it when we see it at a synth show.

Colossus features 12 precision-controlled VCOs each with four waveforms, PWM, sync and sub oscillators. They can run as audio oscillators or LFOs. There’s Sample & Hold, a Random Generator and pink and white Noise. There are four multimode filters inspired by the Oberheim SEM and four Moog inspired Ladder-style low-pass filters. Each filter has a serial VCA built into the signal chain. There are four separate VCAs, eight ADSR envelopes and a pair of dedicated LFOs. There’s Ring Modulation, Slew Generation and a pair of spring reverbs. Everything is in a large format for an imposing and solidly playable front end.

For control, there’s a splitable 64-step sequencer and two touch panels with digital sequencing. There are two joysticks and a 6 channel audio mixer with VU metering. For modulation routing and patching, you have two broadcast-quality pin matrix systems inspired by the EMS Synthi. And don’t forget the built-in science lab oscilloscope.

All in all, Colossus lives up to its name and there always seems to be a backlog.

The black version is a limited edition but they’re not saying exactly how limited or how worried you should be about not getting your hands on one. The solution is to talk to them about it.


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