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Landscape AllFlesh

Landscape AllFlesh  ·  Source: Landscape

Landscape AllFlesh

Landscape AllFlesh  ·  Source: Landscape

Landscape have released an innovative, human interaction patching system for Eurorack modular. AllFlesh consists of a gold pad mounted on a patch cable plug that uses human fingers to carry control voltage in interesting directions.


Interacting with these pads can create new ways to play and perform with your modular. You can become the patch cable, making the connection between two pads in two patch sockets. The pads are pressure sensitive so that you can become modulation, or pitch bend or attentuation. You can trigger sequences or fan your fingers out to multiple destinations.

The idea is that you can create an “AllFlesh patch” which will be completely individual to you, your fingers and the subtle ways you apply pressure and position. No one could replicate your interactivity and so each performance would be unique. That is completely intreguing and beguiling.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced but Landscape plan on supplying them as DIY kits of 10 or 20. They say they work find in stackable plugs and can be touched with flesh or patch cables. A light tap will, apparently, trigger certain modules and they plan to make a list once people feedback with results.

So it’s a bit experimental, or maybe just mental, but I definitely fancy a go.

Check out the Instagram clips below or for more information visit the Landscape website.




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