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Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II

Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II  ·  Source: YouTube/Adventure Audio


Adventure Audio’s new Glacial Zenith II combines an EQ, Boost and Overdrive into one unit. With pre-orders open now, you can reserve your own ‘climate-changing’ gain pedal.


Glacial Zenith II

The new Glacial Zenith II pedal combines three classic analogue gain effects into one icy-looking package. It’s got a relatively simple control interface that consists of six knobs and a few switches. The designers have done a reasonable job of keeping everything simple.

Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II

Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II control layout – Relatively simple?

Global Warming?

The three EQ controls running across the top row are labelled High, Mid and Low. Next up are the Boost, Volume and Drive knobs,. The interesting stuff is the Post EQ and Pre Drive mini switches as well as the Shape switch. The last one affects the drive’s clipping mode. These three controls give you more ways to sculpt your tone.

The Adventure Audio website gives the following presets as starting points:

  • “Global Warming”: By flicking all three switches to the left and maxing the “Boost” and “Volume” knobs, this setting unleashes scorching overdrive tones.
  • “Mini Fridge”: All switches are toggled to the right and the “High” dial is dimmed. This configuration produces ice-cool, crunchy leads.
  • “Snowed in”: Produce this warm lead tone by toggling the “Shape” switch to the left and dialling the “Low” knob to 4 o’clock.
  • “Hypothermia”: Feel the chills with this biting drive by toggling all switches to the right, dialling down “Mid” and maxing out “Low.”

Melting point

I like the whole concept of combining three useful gain/boost effects into one relatively compact pedal. The Glacial Zenith II certainly wins out there. The examples above give a nice indication of some extreme settings and help you get your head around the layout of the unit.


Soft Switch

The Glacial Zenith II can also be ordered with a Soft Switch option. I presume this makes it less prone to clunking and popping as you engage the effect, though the official website is a little vague on details about this upgrade.

With power supply running only from a 9V, centre-negative power supply, the pedal should do its bit for the planet by avoiding batteries.

RRP – USD 189 or USD 229 with Soft Switch

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Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II

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