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The new Fuzzrocious lunaReclipse is a very simple looking pedal with an extremely minimalist control layout, yet offering access to 12 different gain stages, each of which can clip your guitar’s tone and send it into everything from a clean boost to an overdrive.


Rotary Control

With  a 12-position rotary control that provides 12 different ways to clip, distort and boost your guitar’s signal, this oh-so-simple looking pedal in fact seems to hold a lot of tones that can make your guitar scream. There is a series of different component combinations on tap, making the lunaReclipse a pedal with a lot to offer.

Judging by the demo video, the combinations of LED, Germanium, 1n4001 and 1n914 diodes provide the pedal with a myriad of usable tones, each accessible via the rotary control knob on the front. This seems such a great idea and it provides a pretty versatile set of useable tones quickly and easily.

Below is the list of the 12 different settings and you will see there are some variations and combinations of the various diodes at each position on the rotary dial. There is also a single volume knob, which is used to bring up the overall output gain of the pedal, due to some combinations being quieter than others.

1:00 – 1n914/1n914
2:00 – germanium / germanium
3:00 – 1n4001/1n4001
4:00 – LED/LED
5:00 – 1n914-1n914/1n914
6:00 – germanium – germanium / germanium
7:00 – 1n4001-1n4001/1n4001
8:00 – LED – LED /LED
9:00 – 1n914-1n914/germanium
10:00 – germanium – germanium /LED
11:00 – 1n4001-1n4001/LED
12:00 – clean boost

lunaReclipse, Fuzzrocious

Fuzzrocious have made 12 steps to a lunaReclipse


At the time of writing the lunaReclipse was being geared up for a pre-order system which starts on September 1-14 and then will begin shipping on September 15. Price wise it is pretty good value for money, especially with the introductory price of USD $139.99.


Fuzzrocious make some really interesting effects pedals, like the Blast Furnace and the GreyFly so I feel that they bring something worthwhile to the table with nearly every release, and so this new addiction to their effects pedal lineup is a welcome one in my eyes.

RRP – USD 155 plus shipping/taxes

Fuzzrocious lunaReclipse product page

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