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Bongripper and Fuzzrocious Blastripper pedal Hail Satan Worship Doom

Bongripper and Fuzzrocious Blastripper pedal Hail Satan Worship Doom  ·  Source: Facebook/Bongripper

Doom band Bongripper have collaborated with Fuzzrocious effects to release a limited run pedal called the Blastripper. Revealed on the band’s Facebook page, this parallel distortion/fuzz looks like pure evil!


The Blastripper parallel distortion/fuzz pedal is limited to just 40 units worldwide and the sale goes live on Reverb on 15 May. The pedal has three footswitches, one for each side of the effect, fuzz and distortion, plus a third footswitch that activates a gated boost for the distortion.

Both sides of the parallel distortion have volume and gain knobs, with a red mix knob in the middle that blends between either side. The fuzz side also gets its own separate volume and tone controls.


Bongripper Blastripper

Hail Satan Worship Doom

Yes, the two effects can be run in parallel, so be ready for some insane dirt form this little box! Being that Bongripper is a Doom band,  what else would you expect from this device? The pedal comes with Bongripper’s signature goat design – with LEDs for eyes – and the ‘HAIL SATAN WORSHIP DOOM‘ message on the front.

Fuzzrocious makes some great boutique pedals, and this one looks like it could be quite special. But if you want to get one, don’t hang around too long, or you may miss out!

RRP – USD 350 plus shipping

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