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Acustica Dreamware reverb

The Acustica Dreamware reverb  ·  Source:

Acustica Ebony channel strip

The Acustica Ebony channel strip is an affordable alternative to products by Slate and Softube.  ·  Source:

Acustica Audio is known for its detailed simulations of vintage gear, replete with authentically modelled user interfaces. Its latest release is the Dreamware plate reverb plug-in, part of the company’s Ebony channel strip collection, which has just been made available for pre-order.

The latter comprises a typical setup, consisting of pre-amp (8 types), compression (4 types), EQ (3 types), and now reverb. There’s also a control section to contain and command all the modules. Apparently, Ebony isn’t another simulation of some dusty, silky-sounding English or American console, but rather a collection of hand-picked rare gear that Acustica isn’t describing in detail. Then again, it’s the sound that’s important.

Acustica has upgraded its Core multithreading technology. Core X, the successor to Core9, has a new algorithm for hard-clipping, a multi-input system, and a blending algorithm to minimize plug-in instances and save CPU. Additionally, the plug-ins’ internal saturation no longer exceeds +3dB, which sounds like a comfortable threshold.

The reverb channel is available in low- and high-latency variants. It features the following controls: input, drive, decay, early-late (to control reflections), and pre-delay. There’s also a quality slider, alongside the faux-analog sound meters. Acustica, it has to be said, spends a lot of time and effort on design. But then it hardly has a choice, given the competition from Steven Slate and Softube, who both set high standards for graphics and responsiveness in analog gear simulation. Anyone who wants to butt heads with VCC and Console 1 has to have their user interface game down tight.

Ebony is currently available for pre-order at a reduced price of 159 EUR (181 USD, 139.5 GBP) , down from 199 EUR (226.6 USD, 174.6 GBP) at Acustica. A free, fully functional 30-day trial is available here. The plug-in is available in all popular formats for Windows and Mac. Given that a good software reverb can cost this much alone, we’d say Acustica’s channel strip is very affordable. We also like the variety of choice available for modules. Hopefully, they also have the sound to match!

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