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acustica audio titanium 3

 ·  Source: Acustica Audio

In its quest to reincarnate all sorts of analog gear in code form, Acustica Audio has released Titanium3. A thorough update to what’s already a collection of remarkable tube units, “sampled” with the developer’s proprietary VVKT technology, Titanium3 expands the 3-band and single-band compressors with the addition of an all-tube passive EQ, a preamp and a channel strip uniting all of the above. And there’s an extra module, too, the Titanium BASSTard. This is a low-end enhancer, derived from the aforementioned equalizer and available free of charge through Acustica’s Aquarius plug-in downloader and manager.


As is standard with Acustica releases, all units can be used standalone and have alternative Zero Latency versions designed for tracking and monitoring purposes. Titanium 3 is a sight to behold, and having attended an Acustica Audio showcase where I heard its processors in action live through a PA, I have no doubts that Titanium3 sounds immense. I wish I knew some more about the gear that was sampled, but then again, the mystery is part of the charm with some of Acustica’s products. They are pretty much the crate diggers of analog gear plug-ins, sampling whatever sounds good and releasing it to market.

Price and availability

While I’m not seeing a trial version available for download anywhere at Acustica’s website, I do see a 52% introductory discount which takes the price to EUR 89, down from EUR 189. However, the developer does acknowledge that the plug-ins may be subject to further enhancements and refinements throughout the promotional period, so essentially you are purchasing a release-ready product that’s not 100% finished. Then again, what is? More power to Acustica for shipping a product instead of delaying it in pursuit of some elusive perfection. Titanium3 works on PC and Mac in pretty much any DAW.

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