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Accusonus, the creator of the Regroover (beat creator) and Beatformer (drum enhancer), is turning its attention to A.I.-driven beatmaking once again with the release of Rhythmiq. Rhythmiq is an intelligent engine which randomizes and generates rhythms for virtually endless variations.


Like most Accusonus products, Rhythmiq has a straightforward layout. There’s the Beat Assistant with three functional modes – IQ Evolve, IQ Arrange, and IQ Reverse. They connect to three sound files and you dial in how much any of the three modes is affecting it. This is how you choose how dense the beat sounds and how much it gets randomized. The sounds are automatically split into slices and machine learning algorithms are employed to ‘understand’ the content of each slice.

You can also change note durations and freeze the tracks you loaded. This way, Rhythmiq can come up with fills and build-ups in time with the rest of your tracks, making it possible to jam and improvize. The plug-in supports MIDI input and mapping, so it can become a performance tool. Or you can let the AI do its own thing, analyzing your beats and adding new content in real time. Although the plug-in can drastically change up your beats, the timing and rhythmic foundation don’t get lost.

Indeed, there is plenty of control over the seemingly random happenings of this plug-in. Notably, the results are reproducible – that is, if you came up with a solid beat after a happy accident, you can come back to it with the specific combination of settings. Or generate new variations of it with the engines.

Rhytmiq also features a new implementation of the stem extraction technology from Regroover, which enables it to split imported loops into stems and assign them to the AI engines. It happens automatically, with no parameter adjustment. All in all, this is well thought-out product of the kind that brings complex science in the hands of music producers. I feel Rhythmiq can be a great tool for remixing and composition.

Price and availability

Rhytmiq is available from Accusonus now, at an introductory price of USD 99 (down from USD 149). It works with 64-bit DAWs on Windows and macOS. A free, fully functional 14-day trial is available as well.

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