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Roland seems to have decided that 909 Day should be about celebrating the authentic and original TR-909 drum machine, and should not be about cashing in on that legendary name in order to sell other stuff (perhaps). So instead they’ve decided to release some other stuff 4 days later on the 13th September.

3 new drum and synthesizer products

The only place this has been announced is on the slightly mystical Roland Music Connects website. What’s that about? Here’s the official line:

Music connects us with ourselves; our desire to create, to express, to be original, to feel.
Music connects us with each other; to share a common experience, to break down walls, to belong, to be heard.
Roland’s mission is to bring the Thrill and Excitement of Creative Experiences in music and video to people across the world through our expertise in technology.

Nope, I’m none-the-wiser either. But apparently it’s the place to be for news of product releases.

“Drums and Synthesizers” means a lot of different things to Roland these days. It could mean anything from software plug-ins, Boutique recreations, Eurorack modular, modern workstation keyboards, drum kits or electronic pads, to collaborations with the likes of Studio Electronics or Malekko Heavy Industries. So although I’m steeling myself for disappointment there’s always the possibility that this will be something completely immense. Roland has managed to retain the ability to surprise us and act with a certain amount of heart and authenticity even when they don’t do all the things we think they should.

We’ll find out on Thursday.

More information

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And what they do ? hahaha