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7 dials CV Express DIY Kit: A crazy new module for synth geeks

7 Dials CV Express control layout and descriptions  ·  Source:

7 dials CV Express DIY Kit: A crazy new module for synth geeks

New 7 Dials CV Express module kits from UK  ·  Source:


UK company 7 Dials has just released this ultra-geeky modular synth CV controller module. The thought process this is that with CV or Control Voltage you can do some really awesome stuff with an analogue synth. So since modular synth building seems to be all the rage again (it would seem at least half my friends are currently building them) this is one that you may want to go check out.


You will need the ability to use a soldering iron and also be able to follow a basic schematic. However these are skills that are easy to acquire. Though if you have never done so before, then I recommend you go buy some simple circuits to practise your soldering skills with first (like a doorbell or an LED light kit) as there are plenty of cheap kits out there so you can practise your soldering skills before diving into a build like this one.

So the 7 Dials CV Express Kit has three Control Voltage outputs. The first one mirrors the action of the expression pedal, the next one reverses it and the last one that can be a scaled version of either. The offset controls on all three channels allow the outputs to range between -5v-+5v and 0-10v. The inclusion of a comparator producing gate and trigger signals enables the module to generate timing events. An additional CV input allows another signal to be mixed with the signal from the pedal, with the two offsetting each other. Alternatively, just the CV input can be used and the module can be used as a CV processor or gate and trigger extractor.

The 7 dials team are also currently working on a light sensor that can be plugged in instead of the expression pedal, which will use varying light levels as a control source.

More details available here:

Here’s a video with some patch ideas:


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7 dials CV Express DIY Kit: A crazy new module for synth geeks

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