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Dreadbox Telepathy

Dreadbox Telepathy  ·  Source: Dreadbox


The Dreadbox Telepathy module is a full voice analogue synth module with plenty of sound creation capabilities.


At just 10 HP, it’s clear that the Telepathy module is designed to be chained for polyphonic operation, with its MIDI I/O you can connect up to 8 modules in a single system.

Dreadbox Telepathy

Each module is equipped with a basic analogue oscillator with saw and square waveforms and a sub-oscillator. Moreover, you get automatic tuning as well as manual fine-tuning controls.

The impressive dual filter section consists of a 24 dB resonant LPF with Osc and Noise FM and a 6dB HPF. The overall layout is cleverly designed so you can quickly navigate from one section to another with the same set of sliders for controls.

The Telepathy module also has an analogue VCA and two envelopes: one with velocity control for the VCA and a loopable envelope that can be assigned to the LPF, pitch, and pulse width.

Telepathy module

The Telepathy front panel · Source: Dreadbox

In addition to all this, you can map the CV in to most parameters in parallel with a predetermined amount for each one. There are 16 presets, CC in/out, and program change in/out.

Overall, it’s a versatile and warm-sounding module capable of almost anything. However, what’s even more exciting is that the Telepathy will be available as a complete system.


If you look closely at the promotional video, you’ll notice Dreadbox teasing a new Telepathy Psychosis module, possibly for managing multiple Telepathy modules.

Pricing and availability:

The Telepathy will be available next month from your favourite retailer for €299 MSRP.

Meanwhile, the Telepathy System will consist of 6 Telepathy modules, a Psychosis module, and a 70HP eurorack case for €1199 MSRP.

More info to follow on that soon!

More about the Dreadbox Telepathy:


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Dreadbox Telepathy

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