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Type Writer Audio

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Developer Type Writer Audio has released 10X – a fairly unique plug-in with a bad-ass mechanical interface. The purpose here is to create a digital space generated by your music as the input signal. Weird as it gets, and totally great! 10X is uses good ‘ol LCR panning concepts, which were used to mix songs on analog consoles back in the 60s and 70s, before the advent of the pan pot.

10X amplifies the side signal and reacts dynamically to the sounds you feed the plug-in. As you work the 10X, you’ll notice that extending the sides to a volume louder than the ‘phantom centre’ will affect your perception of depth and dimension, making your sound collapse in on itself. So 10X can create a sort of a “breathing side image”, Type Writer Audio says, or “collapse your side signals into mono”. King of difficult to put into words exactly what this plug-in does, but we’re honestly up for buying it only for the rad interface!

Additionally, there’s a hyperdrive section that seems to use the Haas effect. It has attack and release sliders designed to add “dimension” to a signal or do more mundane tasks, such as convert mono to stereo or get a breathing effect for your audio. Again, doesn’t make much sense when reading it, and unfortunately, there’s no demo version available. However, you can get a fine impression of what this post-reverb plug-in does from the video below.

Price & availability

The 10X Dynamic Imager costs 50 USD and is available for Windows and Mac systems in 32/64-bit VST & AU formats.

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