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DW Drum Enhancer

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Czech audio software developer Audified released DW Drum Enhancer – a drum processing plug-in made in collaboration with renowned drum stuff maker DW (Drum Workshop). The tool is designed to effectively streamline and simplify the typical drum processing chain by automatically applying appropriate settings for its in-built EQ, compression, and gate modules.


Users start by choosing their desired drum type settings using a 12-position selector with three types of drums — Snare, Kick, and Toms. Each has three variations – Modern, Heavy, and Vintage. Three additional positions are there – OH (overheads), Bus (for mixing console groups), and Room (for processing full drum kits recorded by two microphones). While the plug-in is intended for automatic operation, Each section features a number of relevant settings.

More specifically:

  • EQ – type, slope, and frequency
  • Compression – type, attack, release, and knee shape
  • Noise gate – attack, release & side-chain

The modules’ behavior is always dependent on the selected Drum type.

In addition to these facilities, DW Drum Enhancer has a Saturation algorithm based on actual valve circuitry. The point at which saturation kicks in and its frequency response can be tweaked by virtue of the following settings:

  • Presence – higher signal amount on mid-high frequencies for effective cutting through the mix
  • Vintage – high-frequency smoothing and evening-out of harmonics
  • Brown – flat frequency response with light HF roll-off
  • White – higher amount of signal on higher frequencies and balanced ratio of even/odd harmonics
  • LoFi – diminished low and high frequencies

The plug-in’s general workflow is as follows: apply preset, do some fine-tuning, add saturation. The result should be fairly pleasing, yet achieved quicker, with fewer insert slots and less CPU load. Presets for DW Drum Enhancer have been prepared by audio engineer Chris Denogean, a respected authority on drum mixing.

Overall, DW Drum Enhancer is a promising piece of technology that may be of considerable assistance to engineers and producers worldwide. Getting a tight drum sound together is one of the trickiest aspects of studio work, so anything that could simplify the process can be of significant help to anyone!

Price & availability

DW Drum Enhancer can be purchased at an introductory price of 149 USD until February 15, down from 199 USD. The plug-in is sold at Audified’s online shop, available in all the usual formats (AAX, AU, VST2, VST3) for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac systems. A fully-functional 30-day trial version is available as well.

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DW Drum Enhancer

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