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Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro

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Need to fatten up your drum tracks? Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro is a new all-in-one plug-in that has you covered with a bunch of processors tailored to drum sounds. The third plug-in of the company’s ToneSpot Pro series comes with saturation, gate, compressor, and various other effects that should be capable of some serious punch.


After ToneSpot Bass Pro and ToneSpot Acoustic Pro, the Czech plug-in maker Audified is turning to drums with its latest release. Which makes sense, because the company already has some experience in this field from its collaboration with DW drums on the DW Drum Enhancer plug-in. Like the other plug-ins in the ToneSpot Pro series (and DW Drum Enhancer), ToneSpot Drum Pro is an all-in-one processing chain comprised of several stages. This can eliminate the need to load multiple plug-ins, and speed up your workflow. In a sense, it looks like ToneSpot Drum Pro can do for drums what plug-ins like Beatskillz Slam XL do for complete mixes.

Ten processors

Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro first lets you select which type of drum sound you’re working on: Kick, snare, toms, overheads, room mics, or bus (complete drum mix). The signal then reaches the Character section, which offers a choice of Vintage, Natural or Modern, and Bright, Scoop, and Lo-Fi settings. After that, it’s on to the Sub-bass Generator (SBG), and then a Saturation stage. After passing through a Gate, the signal enters the Shaping section. Here, you’ll find controls with descriptive labels like “Weight”, “Thump”, or “Sparkle”. A quick glance at the user manual confirmed my guess that this is actually an EQ labeled in layman’s terms instead of frequency ranges.

Moving on, we’re now reaching the Punch section, which is a compressor with simplified controls, and another EQ named Surgery. This is a 2-band equalizer with a huge gain range (-50 to +20 dB), that lets you address problematic frequencies. Then follows yet another compressor named Smash, a reverb processor with room, plate, and hall options, and finally a Finalizer with an enhancer knob and three settings to choose from.

All processors have their own bypass buttons, so they can be activated individually. Furthermore, ToneSpot Drum Pro also offers a global dry/wet control.


I don’t have any hands-on experience with the ToneSpot Pro series, but it looks like Audified’s newest effort has everything that one would typically use on drum tracks, and then some. It’s certainly worth checking out.


Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro is available for Windows (AAX, VST2, VST3, 32/64 bit), and macOS (AAX, AU, VST2, VST3, 32/64 bit).

Availability and price

You can now get ToneSpot Drum Pro at the Audified website for a reduced price of USD 49. After the introductory period, the price will increase to USD 99. A free trial version is available.

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Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro

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