Can you write about Live Sound? We’re hiring.

04 Dec 2019 · Are you an experienced live sound pro that can write interesting and timely posts for We're looking for someone to cover the Live sound universe for our dedicated Live zone!
EHX R&B Buds vs Apple AirPods

EHX R&B Buds: An alternative to Apple AirPods?

04 Sep 2019 · Electro-Harmonix is usually associated with guitar effects pedals. Its new consumer product is Bluetooth in-ear earbuds to rival Apple's AirPods. Can EHX take any market share off Apple & co.?

Teenage Engineering want a Playdate with you

23 May 2019 · Panic and Teenage Engineering collaborate on Playdate a handheld games console featuring a striking look, black & white screen and a crank handle. Maybe they'll port over the Pocket Operators?